Without ports, no buttons, a Chinese company reveals the “amazing phone”

Without ports, no buttons, a Chinese company reveals the "amazing phone"

However, some decisions are also angering. Earlier, Apple and Samsung were subjected to severe criticism, after the headphone jack was permanently removed from the iPhone and Galaxy phones.

Recently, the Chinese company “Xiaomi” revealed a perception about a phone in which there is no port at all, nor does it include any button, including the volume control buttons that are usually on the side.

In this design, the screen occupies the entire front of the phone, and the edges take a curved shape, and this shape may be the future smartphone.

The buttons became part of the past, thanks to the reliance on the fingerprint, but a limited number of them were kept, such as a home button in the interface, as well as two buttons at the edges for controlling the volume and taking pictures.

As for the port from which the charger enters, it will be dispensed with thanks to wireless charging technologies, while the headphones are connected via “Bluetooth”.

The company, which described this design as a revolutionary, explained that the screen covers all edges of the phone, but this does not deprive any feature, but rather allows the use of more elegant alternatives.

In addition, the future phone will be developed with a very thin K ceramic based on what is known as the piezoelectric property that enhances the sensing ability.

In parallel, third-generation lenses will be placed under the phone screen, along with wireless charging, and pressure sensors, while a virtual phone chip will be integrated into the device.

It is possible to operate several communication lines through this virtual chip, but it is not removable from the device as we used to in the past.

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The “Xiaomi” company is not the only one developing a phone that does not include any port or button, because some reports indicated that “Apple”, in turn, worked on a similar project for years.

This revolutionary design can incorporate many features under the screen, and it may help to make the phone more waterproof, but it will also push people to buy more expensive headphones.

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