With Malacia and Sinisterra sold, money is flowing in Feyenoord

With Malacia and Sinisterra sold, money is flowing in Feyenoord

Luis Sinistera from Feyenoord to Leeds United for 25 million euros.ANP . image

At least 40 million is the proceeds, 15 for the defender, 25 for the Colombian dodger. This does not include a million or 7 for both on certain achievements, so-called bonuses, or variable earnings. Feyenoord was waiting on Wednesday to formalize the details of left winger Sinistera’s contract, offered in 2018 for two million from Wans Caldas and who has been in doubt for some time over whether he will make it to the top, in part due to a serious knee injury. . Last season in particular, he put in an excellent performance, with superb dribbles, goals, assists and a game full of joy, as evidenced by Malacia. A smile spread to the left side of Feyenoord. Sinisterra is the biggest transfer for Feyenoord in the club’s history.

Terrell Malacia for 15 million euros from Feyenoord to Manchester United.  ANP . image

Terrell Malacia for 15 million euros from Feyenoord to Manchester United.ANP . image

With this higher return, Feyenoord achieved one of coach Arne Slot’s goals: to create value on the field. Although the average amounts are still somewhat lower than at the top of Ajax, which makes sense due to the great reputation of Ajax and the performance of the national champion in Europe’s top competition, the Champions League.

However, Feyenoord is proud: thanks in part to the final in the Conference League, players became interested in a direct transfer to the richer competition, the Premier League. Malacia is self-taught, and it cost Sinisterra almost nothing. The downside is that Feyenoord lost a lot of quality and a lot of goals too. The Sinestra quartet alone, Gus Till (PSV), Brian Linsen (Urawa Red Diamonds) and Cyril Desers (returning to Genk for the time being) scored 49 of Rotterdam’s 76 goals in the Eredivisie. In terms of scoring ability, Brazilian striker Danilo was released from Ajax on a free transfer deal. Danilo scored 17 goals for Twente in his best season in the Eredivisie.

new players

With the purse filled with Feyenoord’s criteria, it is not necessary to allow more players to leave, although there is relatively high interest in midfielder Orcon Coco and quick right-back Marcus Pedersen. Feyenoord will demand large sums of money for the two, and is now looking for new players. An important role is being assigned to the newly appointed General Manager, Denis T. Kloese, due to the illness of Technical Director Frank Arnesen. Te Kloese has the advantage of having gained experience in the technical field in the past, with previous employers in the United States and Mexico.

Aside from team building, there is not much rush to attract new arrivals, because the team is already certain to be in the Europa League and does not have to go through three preliminary rounds like last season. Italian striker Wilfried Gonto has been on the list of potential newcomers for weeks.

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