‘Winner’ Paavo Says Goodbye to Martin: ‘I Hope Evenepoel is a Cat Catalyst’ | cycling world championship

'Winner' Paavo Says Goodbye to Martin: 'I Hope Evenepoel is a Cat Catalyst' |  cycling world championship

“Today’s topic is Remko Evenpoel’s world title,” Martin Vangramburne opened in his recent notes for the World Cup in Australia. “We entered the interview area when it was clear he was going to win.”

“We’ve seen Evenpoel swing in the past and it was unbelievable how fast he was driving at the end of the world championship. It’s unbelievable he ruined everything and everyone on his own. He’s so devastating. It’s unbelievable how untouchable he has gone.” .

After the Eveningpool victory rally, Pavo and Martin went to the Hotel of the Belgians, but our reporters didn’t have much to celebrate. “After the live broadcast of Het Journaal from 1pm, we had to leave immediately. In Australia, it seems, it’s all about the rules.”

“A strange moment,” adds Pavo. “Certainly because there were still a lot of people. It was about police rules.”

“Instead of celebrating another title, we are now an hour away from having a sad soft drink at our hotel,” Martin concluded.

However, Bhavo had reason to celebrate. “He’s the biggest winner in VRT predictions among colleagues here,” applauds Martin, who already added a comment. Stylish stuff, but eAnd speculation is just nonsense, it’s nothing more than luck.”

For Martin, the adventure in Australia is now over, and Pavo remains for the Belgian cats, who will compete in the Basketball World Cup. Martin: “I hope Evenpoel will be the catalyst for winning the second Belgian world title in Australia.”

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