WindTre reconfiguration increases costs for some customers. But there is a surprise

Other models will soon be rolling out to some WindTre customers already. However, the company also announced a surprise

The new WindTre will be reconfigured soon. Here’s what you need to know (screenshot)

Not just new Promotions and packages except. Recently, the main telephone operators in Italy are also implementing some Changes to their offers summit. The increase in costs is justified by the desire to improve their services and increase opportunities for subscribers.

This is also the case with WindTre This, starting today Sunday 5 September 2021 Some cost increases will apply with Up to an additional €2 each month. Contact was sent to interested customers for the first time on August 2 by SMS. So the last month was the useful period to exercise the right of withdrawal or transfer to another operator without any penalty, As required by law.

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WindTre remodels, here are all the upcoming augmentations

Convenient rechargeable phone promotion
Here are all the details of the new costs and the “surprise” for interested users (PixaBay)

As already announced a month ago, WindTre Some will apply from today, Sunday, September 5, 2021 changes to their offerings. Specifically, affected customers may experience varying differences From 0.99 € to 2 € per month more. Promotions “hit” smart wind, But not only. However, you should have received an SMS with all the required information. Otherwise, you will not be affected by the monthly fee increase.

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However, there is also a surprise already mentioned at the time of the announcement a month ago. Everyone affected by the change will enjoy Ben 30GB extra data traffic every month. According to what can be read in the official WindTre message – later addressed by MondoMobileWeb experts – the initiative aims to bring the entire offering more online. Most needed to transfer data.

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remember it The official list is unknown and the accuracy of the respective tariff offers. Considering that we are talking exclusively about Gamma Wind SmartThe customers concerned are exclusively those former Wind brands.

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