Willem van Dorsen says goodbye | Telstar Online

Willem van Dorsen says goodbye |  Telstar Online

On a Friday at 1837 in Notdorp there was a joyful farewell party which was superbly arranged by and for the greenhouse builder Willem van Doersen.

The party was organized by his partner, Tone French. Together they started the greenhouse builder Van Dorssen & Frensch about twenty years ago.

It was a domestic and international success. The company realizes the most diverse projects everywhere. Ton and Willem were especially good at precision work. Small greenhouses that require customization. They have built a lot especially in Switzerland. They even managed to carry out government projects there with Swiss/Dutch precision.

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Willem has always been the commercial and communicative guy, while Ton has been and still is primarily focused on technology. Ton now continues to work with his son Marcel who worked in the IT field but soon takes his new job.

On Friday, several relationships from the greenhouse-building world came to bid farewell to 74-year-old Willem, who will now focus on philanthropy through vintage car trips. He is still happy. The invitation said: William has everything but a lover of good wine. So good stock is back in Apeldoorn!

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