Will Wayne Johnson “The Rock” succeed Joe Biden?

Will Wayne Johnson "The Rock" succeed Joe Biden?

Dwayne Johnson is a busy bee. He plays in movies, produces series, and makes his own whiskey. For example, two major projects are already planned for next year: Jungle Cruise and Black Adam. However, in the future, we might see Johnson much less in major Hollywood productions.

Head of all people
In 2017, Johnson had already indicated during an interview that he was interested in one day becoming the president of the United States. Then seriously think to try and still this option is not impossible!

“I will definitely make an effort in the future, but only if that’s what the people of the United States want,” Johnson said. It would be up to US citizens not to feel narcissistic or overly self-righteous. Johnson promises to wait and above all to listen carefully: “I’ll keep my finger on the pulse with my ears open!”

Young Rock
If Johnson ever becomes president, there is at least a series about The Rock’s life. In the new series that can be seen from 2021, Young Rock, It tells the story of an actor and former WWE wrestler with three young actors playing Johnson in three different stages of life.

After an actor like Ronald Reagan and a businessman like Donald Trump, you wouldn’t be surprised by Dwayne Johnson at the White House in Washington!

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