Will Turkey cancel again? Mugello pictured as an alternative

Will Turkey cancel again?  Mugello pictured as an alternative

The Turkish Grand Prix is ​​still in doubt, as it is in the red according to the UK. Formula 1 is already looking for a possible replacement for the Grand Prix and it looks like it has arrived at Mugello.

Turkey in the UK’s “red zone”

Autosport.com Reports indicate that Mugello has emerged as a possible alternative to the Turkish Grand Prix. Turkey is under the UK’s COVID-19 red zone, leaving the Istanbul race in limbo. The next review of the countries in the red will not end until September 16.

Mugello debuted on the calendar in 2020 when the Tuscany Grand Prix was held there. The drivers were happy with the track, full of fast corners and height differences.

The calendar is not sure at all

For now, it’s still a matter of guessing what the calendar will look like after the Russian Grand Prix. The gaps left by the disappearance of Japan and Australia have yet to be filled, although the second race in the US appears to be a potential replacement for Japan and Qatar is often cited as a replacement for Australia.

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