Will there be more hurricanes in Europe in the future?

Will there be more hurricanes in Europe in the future?

A severe tornado caused chaos in the Czech Republic last week. And at the end of last week it was Belgium’s turn for the second time in a short time. Will we in Europe have to deal with more of these hurricanes in the future?

When you think of a hurricane, you probably think of violent images from the United States (US). But rotating stems also occur in Europe. Almost four thousand times in the past ten years. “They occur mainly in France, Germany and Central Europe,” says Rob Grünland, a weather expert at KNMI. There is also a slight hiccup in the Netherlands every year: a hiccup. But they often do not stand out because they arise above water, for example.

Perfect Ingredients

Whirlwinds in the United States often cause a lot of chaos. According to Greenland, this country has the perfect ingredients for a fierce variant: “ warm and humid air from Mexico and cool air from Canada. This will collide. And because the air often passes through the massive rocky region of the Rocky Mountains, there is indeed a bend.

a little bit of fear

Climate change will change something: Warmer air contains more moisture and therefore more thunderstorms and hail can occur. But there is no need to immediately fear hurricanes in the Netherlands. “Because of the North Sea, our country cools faster when it is warm. But in Central Europe, the heat lasts longer and there is a greater chance of bad weather. However, the massive storm in France, Germany and the Czech Republic over the past two weeks has been very special. The last time it happened was There is something like this in Europe in 2011. So it was a big shock!”

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The image below shows the tornado in the Czech Republic last week. In the photo above, you see a house that was badly damaged by the storm.

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