Will the HomePod mini come to the Netherlands soon?


There have been rumors for a while that the HomePod mini will arrive in the Netherlands soon. But if we want to believe the latest news, it’s really time.

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Swedish for HomePod mini

A new rumor suggests that the HomePod mini will appear in more countries this year, including the Netherlands. But for this evidence we have to turn our eyes to another European country.

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According to Teknivecka, Apple is currently testing Swedish on the HomePod mini. In fact, this was going to last for eight weeks. Swedish is not supported by the program, but that appears to be changing.

The same post claims that it will take “a few more months” for the HomePod mini to fully support Swedish. But HomePod mini supports Dutch language since December. So what does this post have to do with the Netherlands?

HomePod in the Netherlands

The addition of Swedish is not entirely separate from Dutch. Recently, Apple officially added support for multiple languages: Dutch for the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as Russian, and Swiss variants of German, Italian and French.

So it looks like Apple wants to launch the HomePod in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia at least. Adding Swedish is another “tag” to add to that list. There’s a good chance Apple will release the HomePod mini in all of these countries at once.

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Apple’s spring event in March or April falls within the “few months” it will take for the official addition of Swedish, so the event is expected to see the release of the HomePod mini in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and Sweden.

HomePod mini in the Netherlands: all tips in a row

HomePod Nederlands

Rumors have been circulating for some time that the Netherlands might finally be able to take advantage of the HomePod mini.

The most important clue is the latest HomePod update, version 15.2. This one added the Dutch language to Siri. So you can order HomePod mini all kinds of Dutch stuff, but the product isn’t officially available here at the moment. So it makes sense that this will change soon.

Another hint that the HomePod mini is coming to our tiny country: the Apple website. By doing some detective work, you’ll find a link to a Dutch page about the HomePod mini. This is while countries where the HomePod mini is not yet available will refer you to a US page.

Pron: 9to5Mac & MacRumors

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