Will the exchange be the new exchange? Learn about the fastest growing sport in the United States

Wordt pickleball het nieuwe padellen? Maak kennis met de snelst groeiende sport van de VS

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Pickleball is described as a mixture of tennis, table tennis and badminton. Invented in 1965 by three middle-aged parents in Washington state, this hilarious toy was named not for Pickles, but for Pickles, a fun and friendly dog ​​at home.

The game is played with a color palette slightly larger than a ping pong board and a plastic punched ball. The court is only a small part of the area of ​​the tennis court and the net is very low. In other words, he is doomed to the same accusation as Padel, which is tennis for people who can’t play tennis. But the strength of pickle ball is that the sport is easy to learn and less stressful than tennis. It also ensures that the sport is very popular nowadays well past the 1960s.

Also in Belgium?

But it probably won’t continue like this if we look at the numbers now in the US. NPR noted that there are currently 4.8 million gamers in the United States, nearly double the number of players five years ago. New players sometimes have to wait weeks before they can get a pitch. In addition, there are now two professional pickleball tournaments every year, and the sport is receiving increasing patronage, first to join other countries, and then to become an Olympic sport. Thus, the greatest growth for American players is also among players under the age of 55, as a result of which Pickle Ball is undergoing a real rejuvenation treatment.

On its website, “Pickleball Belgium” provides an overview of the places where the game can be played in Belgium. For example, you can actually go to Tournai, Brussels, Namur, Quekelberg and Hubertingen for a round of pickle ball.

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