Wife strangled by her ex-husband after a quarrel


The 29-year-old SR was arrested by Nieuw Nickerie office police on suspicion of threatening and assaulting his ex-wife on the night of Friday 19 March to Saturday 20 March.

Victim MS (21) reported threats and assault on the suspect SR to police on Tuesday, March 16th. According to the advertiser, she has a girl with SR, but she ended the relationship for some time.

The suspect, who disagreed with her decision, chased her from her workplace to her home address on March 16, when an altercation erupted between them.

So, x multiplied it. O on her face and threatened to kill her. The situation got out of control, as her ex-husband suffocated the woman. A bystander approached the victim’s cry for help and managed to free her from the ordeal.

The ex-husband was tracked down and arrested by the local police at his New Nikkei home address. At trial, the suspect admitted that he went to his ex-wife’s house to talk about their affair. When his ex-partner indicated that she did not want to resume the relationship, S.

After consulting with a Suriname prosecutor, S.

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