Why is Kate Bush another big hit on her hill run? The fourth season of Netflix series Answers Stranger Things


Kate Bush released Running Up That Hill in 1985 and now this song is teasing the charts again after 37 years. What does the English singer owe?

The song plays a prominent role in the fourth season of the Netflix series Weird things † In the first episode, character Max Mayfield plays the song on his Walkman and then comes Running over this hill Several times in her story. It’s her favorite song.

Bush allowed her song to be used for the series, according to Rolling Stone Music Magazine, because she is herself a huge fan of it. Weird things

Huge success with Apple and Spotify

Those scenes led to renewed interest in the song, which in 1985 was the main draw for Kate Bush on her fifth album. dogs of love † Especially with Apple Music and Spotify streaming services, Running over this hill I listened to a lot in the last week. With the Dutch company Apple Music, it ranks 2 and Spotify is 3, while the song takes the number one spot on the global Spotify list.

Young people in particular are clicking on the song to listen to it, The Guardian reports. According to the British newspaper, this mainly concerns people born between the late 1990s and 2010s, Generation Z.

Kate Bush had her last weekend I answered myself About the new interest in her hit song, she talks about “a whole new lease on life by young fans who love the show.”

I arrived in the Netherlands Running over this hill In the summer of 1985 she reached sixth place in the Dutch Top 40. In England, it reached third place. While in the United States, the song has now entered the top ten for the first time. The number there remained in 1985 at number 30.

Season 4 of the science fiction series Weird things – Set in the 80s – Started May 27. Part Two will follow on July 1. Bush is curious as to where all this will lead. “I can’t wait for the remainder of the series in July,” she wrote.

Earlier, other big hits from the ’80s already saw a second guy thanks to the series, such as every breath you take from the police and Should I stay or should I leave From The Clash.

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