Why is Aer Lingus banning employees from getting vaccinated in the United States

Why is Aer Lingus banning employees from getting vaccinated in the United States

Aer Lingus recently announced that employees should not be vaccinated while on a stopover in America. Because America is also distributing injections to foreigners because of the surplus of vaccines. But the Aer Lingus crew have to skip the shot in America, but why?

Fun actions

In America they have a noticeable problem. While the rest of the world appears to be in desperate need of vaccines, America has other vaccination problems. In America they have more than enough vaccines. The launch of vaccines is progressing faster than expected. Additionally, many people in America doubt whether they should have their injection. The craziest deeds have been put in place to impress people in America. For example, you can get free beer (or coffee) at locations in Nashville and Krispy Kreme Donuts across the country. One of the most bizarre initiatives is that Ohio is offering vaccines a chance to win a million dollars.

To boost tourism, New York City (Air Lingus destination) is offering vaccines to foreign visitors. Popular tourist sites such as Times Square are used as pollination sites.

Side effects

But Aer Lingus crews shouldn’t look to these vaccines. Aer Lingus reminds its employees that they should not be vaccinated while they are not working in the United States. The news revealed that some crew members did so anyway, and the airline issued this warning.

The airline management advised employees not to travel for 48 hours after vaccination due to the risk of side effects. Side effects, such as fever and fatigue, make employees unfit for work.

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The Irish Society issued the following statement:

This is to give any side effects time to go away and to make sure the crew is completely fit to operate. As a result, Aer Lingus crew cannot receive a Covid-19 vaccination while serving in the United States. Crews are required to adhere to all medical advice issued by [Health Service Executive] And their health care provider regarding vaccinations. “

EASA legislation

EASA has already issued a recommendation on vaccinations at the end of March. EASA recommends waiting two to three days after vaccination before returning a crew member to work. The legislature adds that the side effects can be amplified by a drop in air pressure at altitude for cruising. EASA adds that flight crew members should consult an aviation medical examiner (AME) if adverse reactions persist for more than two days after vaccination. Therefore AME should encourage flight crews to consult with them about vaccinations and their side effects.

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