Why I Married At First Sight Australia is the best reality show right now

Why I Married At First Sight Australia is the best reality show right now

Charm All Liked reality shows styled Island of Seduction (VIPS)And Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch in a Love island And I went out for it. No guilt fun. Pleasure only. She keeps you updated regularly about the latest juices, drama and fun.

I know I know I was late for the party. Married at first sight It was banging for years. However, this year I decided – if I’m honest, out of boredom – to go with the Dutch season. I was positively surprised by the concept, which wasn’t nearly as crazy as I had imagined (well, a little bit, though). But I didn’t feel like waiting for a new episode every week and decided to watch the show’s Australian sibling in the meantime. And I’m glad I did Married to First Sight Australia Gorgeous.

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Married to First Sight Australia kijken

It is a case of “the concept in another country is slightly better than the concept in the Netherlands”. I had the same thing with (old) Temptation Island: The American island of Temptation is actually much better than the Dutch. It is not for nothing that the new Island of Seduction: Love or Departure Based on the US version. The same goes for MAFS Australia.

MAFS Australia is better than MAFS Netherlands

Quite franklyMAFS Australia has it all: drama, lies, mystery, fornication, embarrassing moments, love, humor, plot twists, people with cool accents, everything. And the concept is much better, if you ask me. You get a few candidates before their wedding day, but go straight to the wedding day and get to know them automatically. The biggest difference in the Dutch version is what happens after the honeymoon: all couples meet every week for a period Dinner party And receive some sort of relationship therapy from experts the next day. You can guess: a whole bunch of dramatic singles trying to start a relationship and at the same time they have to be able to walk through the door with each other, creating loads of drama. And a very entertaining TV.

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Married in First Sight Australia seizoen. 6

The fourth season continues until the seventh season Fedoland. Now if you think: Damn it sounds like a good reality show, I want to watch it – then I have another tip for you. Season 6 of MAFS Australia is the best. season. Aller. Times. Then the only question now is: Will you start with it Season 6 (Then you set the benchmark too high immediately), or do you watch the other seasons first to end with a blast?

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