Why do we take off the hijab in Iran?

Why do we take off the hijab in Iran?

Daisy Mohr

NOS . News

During a trip to Iran in June, NOS reporter Daisy Mohr noted: Every day she would see dozens of women who wore headscarves very loosely or not at all. In the more than 15 years she has been in Iran, she has never seen anything like this before. They said the women had had enough, and they no longer wanted to play by the rules.

The past two weeks have shown how dangerous this can be. A young woman who did not wear the veil properly, died after a brutal arrest, according to eyewitnesses. Since then, there have been violent protests that have also resulted in deaths. Most of the young population appears to be rebelling against the values ​​that the Iranian regime defends.

In this podcast, reporter Daisy Mohr talks about what’s been happening in Iran for months and what’s erupting now. And about the headscarf, which has become a symbol not only of women’s oppression, but of a larger group of Iranians.

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