Who will help the bike without a chain when you drive it to the finish line? (video)

Who will help the bike without a chain when you drive it to the finish line?  (video)

About three years ago, there was an uproar in the United States about a new type of bike: the Driven. Driven features a chainless drive system born from an initial desire to strive for a 99% efficient drivetrain.

The idea came about in Boulder, Colorado, when Jason Smith of CeramicSpeed, a small team of engineers, and the University of Colorado’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, began pondering how to radically change the bicycle’s transmission system.

Smith: “We thought pretty much from day one that it would be easier to start with a blank slate to develop a 99% drivetrain, than to try to exploit weaknesses in the existing chain/rear drivetrain.” for repair. So we dumped our existing powertrain and started over with a clean slate.”

The first version reached 99% efficiency, after which the team worked on the second version, which uses a driveshaft with a wirelessly controlled, electronically shiftable reverse gear.

Another single-speed prototype version was tested to carry a passenger, and found to be able to withstand load tests at speeds up to 45 km/h.

Driven has now solved two basic requirements: drivability and mobility. The only remaining challenge is to combine the two functions into a sustainable package. Towards this finish line, a new spin-off company Driven Technologies Inc. has been formed to accelerate the latest developments in the Driven System. The team hopes to find passionate cyclists who would like to own a piece of the company. More information on this can be found at www.seedinvest.com/driven/seed

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