Who is the strongest? Mother and daughter participate in the World Weightlifting Championships

Who is the strongest?  Mother and daughter participate in the World Weightlifting Championships

Coaching, coaching and more coaching for Adela Pijcke (57) and Diana Estaris (37) from Julianadorp. In a few weeks they will participate in the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Orlando (USA). Adela has to defend her title and this is her daughter Diana’s first time at a World Cup.

Weightlifters from all over the world come to Orlando in December to compete in this championship for weightlifters over the age of 35. “In total a thousand participants,” says Adela Pijcke, whose name already holds several European and world titles.

Pijcke has been active in weightlifting for about ten years, but quickly turns into a natural talent. She now runs her own gym and flies around the world to participate in competitions. She discovered the sport because it has sought distraction since taking full care of her daughter, Diana, who suffers from psychological and physical difficulties.

Weightlifting is no longer just Adela’s passion, because Diana is also interested in strength sports. “We always do it together, and that’s a nice thing,” Adela says. In three weeks the mother and daughter will be traveling to Orlando, which is very exciting for Diana. This year, for the first time at the World Championships, there will be a section dedicated to senior disabled athletes. “This is an experience,” Adela explains.

In the video below, Adela tells how she saw her daughter change as a result of lifting weights (text continues below the video).


Adela may now be 57, but weightlifting is far from contemplating stopping. “Strength training and sports are very important to health,” she says. And the player herself also notes this, because her body still manages to stay at the same level.

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So Adela is ready for the World Cup in a few weeks. “I’m confident I’ll make it to the top three,” Adela says confidently.

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