White House warns residents against hoarding: ‘Don’t fill plastic bags with gasoline’ | the cars

White House warns residents against hoarding: 'Don't fill plastic bags with gasoline' |  the cars

The US White House is warning Americans to be careful when storing fuel after a cyber attack on a major pipeline. It even seems necessary to warn about going to gas stations with plastic bags to fill. It’s like, “When people feel hopeless, they don’t think clearly anymore.”

A large part of the United States has been suffering from a fuel shortage for several days due to a cyber attack on a major pipeline last Friday. The Colonial Pipeline runs from the Gulf of Mexico in the southern United States to the eastern coast for a distance of more than 8,850 kilometers, but is now fixed.

Countless Americans on the East Coast have turned to gas stations out of fear of shortages, despite Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s call for no gas storage. And some people seem quite reckless in doing so. That’s why the government warned against using plastic bags to get gasoline, but only safe jerrycans designated for this purpose. It is also recommended not to pour gasoline over or near an open flame in a glass container.

“We know this sounds simple, but when people give up, they can’t think clearly,” the government agency said on Twitter. They are taking risks that can have deadly consequences. If you know anyone considering using an item that is not intended for gasoline, please let them know that it is dangerous.”

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According to a specialist website that monitors gas station fuel prices, GasBuddy, around major North Carolina cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, nearly 30 percent of gas stations have run out of fuel. And the site reported that the percentage in North Carolina is more than 10 percent. In Virginia it is eight percent, in Georgia it is 6.9 percent and in South Carolina it is 4.7 percent.

According to Minister Granholm, there are no grounds for hoarding. It appears to be a supply problem, not a fuel shortage. “We have gas, all we need is to get it to the right place.”

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