White House Christmas decorations ‘honour health care heroes of pandemic’

White House Christmas decorations 'honour health care heroes of pandemic'

White House Christmas decorations are traditionally the prerogative of the first lady, the president’s husband. Earlier this week, Jill Biden proudly announced that private rooms are now totally Christmassy.

And after sending the media a large folder with pictures, and a real “tour book”, everyone can now enjoy this splendor across Streetview of 41 Christmas trees, a 2-kilometre long strip, 300 candles and 78,750 lights in the trees.

Where Melania Trump, the former first lady, had completely gone over the top in Trump by turning the White House into a white pine forest, Jill Biden went on an “all-American tour.” As a main theme, she chose to honor healthcare workers in the pandemic and American soldiers with “gifts from the heart.”

peace and light

According to the tour book, the falling stars and doves returning everywhere symbolize “the peace and light brought to us by all our frontline healthcare workers.” The golden stars in the trees represent “the soldiers who gave their lives for our country”.

As you can expect, all rooms have been carefully designed down to the last detail. Some of the Christmas trees are decorated with pictures of the Biden family, former presidents, and friends. Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy exactly so that the Street View camera can be fully zoomed in.

It is impossible to know if all previous chiefs were given a place in the tree. If that’s the case, Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump is likely hiding somewhere in the back.

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