Whistle Orange vs Latvia for the first time by a female | football

Fred Louring during the World Cup qualifying match with Latvia |  football

French Stephanie Frappart (37 years old) was appointed to lead the game in Amsterdam, and with this orange experience is the first, and never before in rich history has a female fencer whistled for the Dutch team.


Frappart made his debut in the Champions League last year, in the Juventus-Dynamo Kiev match (3-0). She also led the European Super Cup match between Liverpool and Chelsea in the summer of 2019. Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool defender at the time, said: “If one of them is of high quality, otherwise it would not have been allocated for this match, that is fine.”

His coach Jürgen Klopp also said in the run-up to that match that the time was right for it. Van Dijk, who played that entire match, is still missing from the Orange squad with a knee injury. Jorginho Wijnaldum came as a substitute that day and he will be there on Saturday night when Frappart will again announce a match for his team.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final

The Frenchwoman was also the judge of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final between the United States and the Netherlands. That match was lost 2-0 by the Lionesses. Frappart was then awarded a penalty kick to America after 15 minutes of intermission on the advice of a video referee following a foul by Stephanie van der Graght, from which Megan Rapinoe opened the score.

Since 2011, Frappart has been active as a referee in Championnat National, the third division of men’s football in France. She has also been active at the highest level in her home country for a few years now.

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Joao Pedro Silva Pinheiro has been appointed from Portugal with Gibraltar – Netherlands, and it is the third World Cup qualifying match to be held on Tuesday, 30 March.

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