Which MLB Slugger Will Notch Most Homers in 2020?

Caption: Which of these big hitters will clear the fence most this season?

Pete Alonso was last year’s home run hero, registering 53 beastly hits that went all the way to the bleachers. Indeed, he was the only man to top the magic 50 mark in 2019.

Now there’s a whole host of talent lining up to challenge the Mets star this season, but who’s actually going to claim the crown of the home run king?

Here are just some options for you to ponder.

Jorge Soler

For a long time, injuries hindered Soler from realizing his true hitting potential, but his stars aligned in 2019 in a big way, as he upset the odds and shattered a franchise record for homers notched in Kansas.

The same Royals fans who kept the faith in 2019 will be hoping for more of the same in 2020 and will no doubt be backing Soler with free bets found at Oddschecker, and other platforms. 30 of his 2019 homers were even recorded as having been big enough to clear any stadium in the league, so he certainly has the power to deliver winnings, in more ways than one, for those who trust in his abilities.

Caption: It’s going, it’s going, and it is out of here!

Joey Gallo

There are many things about the 2020 season that will play in Joey Gallo’s favor, the main one being that he has fully recovered from a nasty hamate bone break.

The Texas Rangers slugger has already been posting evidence of his unearthly power online, and with many games due to be played indoors at the Globe Life Stadium, the ball should fly a couple of feet further than usual.

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Bryce Harper

Another power hitter who was hampered by injury last season was Bryce Harper, then the All-Star break happened and he became an altogether different beast, hammering 19 towering homers in the space of just 67 games.

If Harper can add consistency to his already impressive game, then the Phillies will have a true monster on their hands.

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Mike Trout

Much of the smart money among baseball aficionados seem to be going on Mike Trout, and when you look at how consistent he has been since 2018 you can see why.

He wasn’t a million miles away from claiming the home run king title last season and, in all likelihood, he will not be far away this time either.

The only thing that may count against him is age, with it becoming increasingly clear that many sluggers hit their prime at around the age of 26 or 27. Trout is only 28, but the stats show that those extra 12 months will make him more prone to injury.

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