Which Are the Best Programming Languages to Learn

The Best Programming Languages You Should Learn

Programming and coding have always been seen as something the “nerds” do; well, this couldn’t be further from the truth as there are many types of people who have felt the benefits of learning a coding language.

Whether they want to be casino software developers or game designers or simply create functioning programs, coding is as popular as ever. Here are 8 of the most popular and useful coding languages out there.


Javascript is arguably the most popular language due to what you can create with it. You can build websites, develop video games, build web servers, and even make mobile apps, all using the same language.

Javascript is also incredibly easy to learn and implement, making it perfect for beginners or seasoned coders looking for an easy way to create something complicated.


Python is a very popular language used in back-end development, data science, and app development. The language is popular due to being able to develop skills quickly and making beginners productive almost instantly.

While some aspects of Python can be tricky to grasp, once you have the basics down, you can begin your programming journey reasonably quickly. As mentioned, Python has exploded in popularity over the past few years and is quickly rising to become the language to know.


Go is a bit of an oxymoron as it is regarded as one of the most simplistic languages. Still, to fully understand and utilize it, you should know another language before learning this one. Created by Google, it is used mainly by programmers working on large projects.

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It isn’t as popular as Python or Java, but if you know one of those already, adding Go to your repertoire will put you into a very special and much-needed group.


PHP is one of the oldest languages on this list, having been developed in 1990. However, don’t let its age fool you; many developers still say knowing PHP is essential to being a successful programmer, as over 80% of websites are built using PHP, including Facebook.

Unlike Go, there is no need to know another language before you start learning PHP. The language is also very cost-effective and is easy to develop and integrate using a multitude of easy-to-find and use tools.


While its peak was in the early 2000s, C# is still one of the most widely used languages in the world. An intermediate language, it is used for applications based on Windows, Android, and iOS.

C# is an intermediate language, with a basic understanding of coding needed if you were to pursue it. It does have many benefits, too; it is fast, easily scalable, simple to use once you understand it, and it is also interchangeable with other codes.


Another language that has developed into one that is perfect for beginners is Ruby and Ruby on Rails. It was developed to have a more human and natural feeling syntax while remaining versatile and valuable.

Ruby has been around since 1990 but has never reached the heights of Javascript or Python. However, it has slowly been gaining popularity year on year as more people realize the benefits of using a human-friendly language that is still incredibly flexible.

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C & C++

C is the granddaddy of programming and the root for other languages such as C#, Java, and Javascript.  C++ is an updated version of C, with many choosing to skip learning C completely, whiles others say you won’t ever learn the full potential of C++ without C.

Both languages still remain popular; however, many have migrated from C to C++, making the latter one of the most used languages in the world. Both languages aren’t super beginner-friendly, but learning either will make learning another language a breeze.


HTML is widely regarded as one of the most beneficial coding stepping stones out there. HTML is a markup language, which means it is responsible for the appearance of information on a website and webpage.

While the complexity of HTML varies, it is important to note that it can almost be as simple or as confusing as you want it to be, meaning it is perfect when you begin and then as you build your skills and knowledge.

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