When Will Continents Open: Concerns About Variable Delta?

When Will Continents Open: Concerns About Variable Delta?

Travel companies are eagerly awaiting the opening of the first transcontinental destinations, increasingly wondering why transcontinental destinations comply with the rules that European destinations must also comply with (and receiving more convenient travel advice) and wanting to welcome Europeans who continue to receive the orange ride tip. European destinations owned by TravelPro glass Continuing, it remains well below the bi-monthly average of 150 infections per 100,000 population. However, a delta variable can still throw a wrench in the works. In the UK, the number of infections continues to rise…

Infections increase in the UK
The growing number of infections in the UK, although the number of infections in other European destinations continues to decline, must be watched closely. The delta variant may cause an increase in the number of infections there. Three weeks ago, the number of infections per day per 100,000 residents was still at 3,380, but due to the daily increase, this number reached 10,809 yesterday.

ECDC’s new list
This week, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention published another new list, with only two countries exceeding the fortnightly average number of infections per 100,000 out of 150. Only Denmark and Latvia are above 150 in the last list.

Germany and Austria
In Germany, the number of injuries decreased again yesterday, after rising slightly for three consecutive days. The bi-monthly average per 100,000 is 31.29 which is the lowest average of the measurements in TravelPro Barometer. Austria has seen an uptick over the past three days, but the numbers are not alarming. With an average of 40.96 bi-monthly, the country is in a much better position than many other countries.

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outside Europe
Destinations outside Europe are hoping to get the “green” light soon to welcome the Dutch. Safe countries with low risk of COVID-19 outside the EU/Schengen are currently Australia, China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau), and Israel,
Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea. However, some of these destinations have entry restrictions for Dutch citizens. Safe countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands are Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius.

Americans welcome
Meanwhile, other European countries accept American travelers, but travelers from other transcontinental destinations are also allowed. For example, Italy opens its doors to travelers from America, but also to travelers from Canada and Japan. France also opened its doors to travelers from America and Canada. It seems that it is only a matter of time before travelers from Europe are welcomed back into America and Canada.

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