When can an IRS send out a new motivational check now and who will receive it first

When can an IRS send out a new motivational check now and who will receive it first

Did you know? Different groups will have stimulus checks at different times.

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There is still a path to approval The second stimulus checkEither before or after November 3 elections, And either through a stand-alone invoice or as part of a Comprehensive Economic Relief Package. But even if an agreement is reached, it will take some time for the payment to arrive Eligible Persons.

Just because one is subtracting the stimulus test does not mean it’s being rolled out to everyone at the exact same time. We identified five rough initial groups that the Internal Revenue Service has created to help organize a delivery The first motivational boost In batches. A second stimulus can be sent in a similar fashion. Moreover, we help you figure out which group you could land in and what that means when you can see a file Pay up to $ 1,200.

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Here are the dates on which the IRS can send checks

When and if another incentive check was approved, Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said it would take about a week to process the first payments. “I can get 50 million payments very quickly,” he said in August. “A lot of it is in people’s direct accounts.”

We have speculated about possible dates based on the current situation in Washington, DC. Note that not everyone will get a push at the same time. Read on to see how the different priority groups are affected if the bill becomes law before the November 3 election or after Inauguration Day on January 20, 2021.

Possible dates A second stimulus check can come out

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

The house passes the final bill

October 26

November 23

December 7

February 1

The Senate passes the final bill

October 27

November 30

December 8

February 2

The president signs

October 28

December 1

December 9

February 3

First direct deposits sent

The week of November 16

The week of December 14

The week of December 21

The week of February 8

First paper checks were sent

The week of November 30

The week of December 21

The week of January 4

The week of February 15

first EIP cards I sent

The week of December 21

The week of January 5th

The week of February 1

The week of March 15

Why some people might get their money faster than others

The IRS has so far sent money to at least 160 million people in three different ways, starting with people who have applied for direct deposit. Some people who have more complex scenarios are Still waiting for their checks or even Catch-up payments. This creates a de facto priority order that may lead some Americans to receive checks days or even weeks in advance of others. We expect the IRS to adopt roughly the same system to send out a second stimulus screening in 2020 as it did with the first stimulus check, which was approved in March.

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Direct deposit is the fastest: People who already have it Direct deposit information On file with the IRS or who provides this information when and if the registration is opened again, they must be first in line to receive the stimulus check. EFT is faster and more efficient, which is why this group got a faster down payment.

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The following stimulus checks: What to expect


Beneficiaries of social securityWith the first stimulus payment, many Social Security recipients with direct deposit information registered with the federal government received checks in the first week, but not always on the first day.

People who receive paper checks: The IRS began mailing checks about a week later to those without direct deposit data on file.

EIP card recipients: Economic impact debit cards These are prepaid Visa cards that the IRS has sent out to nearly 4 million people starting in mid-May. If the IRS follows the same priority payment arrangement, this group might start seeing checks weeks after the first direct deposit transfers go out.

Last setPeople who received checks after June are still waiting to receive their stimulus payment or Not knowing that they need to complete an extra step. Direct payments will continue until the end of 2020 for some individuals who were not part of the previous groups. Here’s what it could be Stop delivery of the motivation check For some and How to contact the tax authority To report a lost, lost or stolen check.

How long would you have to wait for it?

While we expect most people to get their money sooner, if the first round is any indication, it could take months for the IRS to send all the checks. Six months after the first stimulus payments went out, the federal agency is still trying Track down millions of people Who might owe money.

Even with the experience of processing close to 160 million payments in the IRS ‘back pocket, some people will likely need to cross some hurdles to receive their money. The following are common roadblocks that stopped the first stimulus screening.

Packet mail-usps-fedex-amazon-ups-doorstep-mailbox-letter-shipping-virus-stay-at-home-2020-cnet

There is hope that the IRS can speed up delivery of a second check, if authorized.

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Few resources to help

If you are still waiting for the first round of payments, you can Track the status of your stimulus checkLearn How to report a no-show check to the tax authority And you find possible Reasons for lack of stimulus check arrival.

Here are resources about Coronavirus suffering loans And the Unemployment insurance, What can you do if you lose your job, What do you know about the evictions? And the Late vehicle payments, If you can get two checks, a refund from the IRS And how Take control of your budget.

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