Wheelchair Basketball Players Gold and Silver Wheelchair Tennis Players Tom Egberink | sports

Wheelchair Basketball Players Gold and Silver Wheelchair Tennis Players Tom Egberink |  sports

In the group stage, the Orange Lions lost 45-38 to the Chinese, who advanced 12-9 in the final after the first quarter. Then national coach Gertjan van der Linden’s team took control of the match: 12-2, 12-6, 17-11.

Lebo Kramer had an important share of the win with fifteen points and Jitsky Visser got twelve points. After the first lower quarter, the Netherlands scored ten consecutive points and thus took the lead. The Dutch women took bronze in both London 2012 and Rio 2016. In 2018 they became world champions. Wheelchair basketball players have also won the European Championship twice.

“I still can’t believe that gold is around my neck. But we got it,” 30-year-old Mariska Beijer said of the suit. “It was a really great match. Our defense was great, offensive and went well. Everyone has achieved very important results and I am proud of that. We outperformed China at some point and won a lot.”

Bronze went to the United States. American basketball players beat Germany 64-51.

Silver Eggberink

Wheelchair tennis player Tom Egbrink couldn’t perform a stunt at the Paralympics. Japan’s Shingo Konida, who is ranked number one on the standings list, was obviously too strong for the Dutch player, who finished eighth in the final. The group’s results were 6-1, 6-2.

Koneda was already a Paralympic champion at the 2008 Beijing and London 2012 Olympics. The 28-year-old from Dalene in Drenthe, was only able to offer resistance on the first stage.

Egberink already had bronze in his pocket, with Maikel Scheffers victorious in the doubles championship.

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