WhatsApp users should be careful: Bad malware messages are circulating – this is how you protect yourself

WhatsApp users should be careful: Bad malware messages are circulating - this is how you protect yourself

WhatsApp users are again being targeted by scammers. With a new scam, they want to get all the online messenger users who have always wanted a new look of their WhatsApp. Because it is assumed that the application “WhatsApp Blue” will ensure that the Messenger flashes blue. But once the app is installed, the damage happens.

Since users report on Reddit, links are mainly sent to users via WhatsApp itself. Then the new design is announced in them. If the user clicks on the link “blue.whatsapp.top” and installs the APK file behind it, the malware lands on the smartphone. In many cases, scammers encrypt data such as photos or videos and demand a ransom from WhatsApp users for activation.

The account itself is also at risk. Because links to malware are sent to other users via your WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp scam: How to protect yourself from fraud

A dangerous malware message is currently circulating again on WhatsApp.


The first step in protection is also the most important: never click on any questionable links in WhatsApp. Even if they are friends. Malicious programs often camouflage and broadcasters do not notice the malicious messages. If in doubt, ask your contact if the link is real and what is hidden behind it.

If you still have doubts after that, a quick Google search for the promised content behind the link is often enough to expose the scammers.

If the damage is already done and WhatsApp Pink is installed on your smartphone, delete the application immediately. Then disconnect your device from all WhatsApp web connections, such as your computer. Then delete the browser cache of your smartphone and view the application access rights in the list. If you see strange apps here or you still find WhatsApp Pink, block access to it.

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