Whatsapp postpones controversial change to users

Whatsapp postpones controversial change to users

WhatsApp is postponing a planned change of its terms of use now as users fear that its parent company Facebook will receive a lot of privacy-sensitive information. According to WhatsApp, there is a lot of misunderstanding among users about the changes and more time is needed to explain them.

Users had to agree to the new terms on February 8th, or else they would lose access to their accounts with WhatsApp, announced earlier this month. Now that deadline has been pushed back to May 15th.

The social networking site Facebook

Recently, users saw a message pop up saying, “Companies can use hosted services on Facebook to store and manage WhatsApp conversations.” This relates to data like time, location, and to whom you are sending messages.

Many people think Whatsapp collects personal information and sells it to companies that can use it to create personalized ads, for example. The parent company Facebook does not have a good reputation with many in this regard.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, among others, earlier this month encouraged millions of social media followers to install alternatives to WhatsApp, such as Signal.

In Netherlands, this chat app is the most popular free app in both App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). Another chat app – Telegram – gained 25 million users in 72 hours.

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