Whatsapp: No one who found this hidden function will want to do without it

Whatsapp: No one who found this hidden function will want to do without it

Not all Whatsapp users know this trick – well hidden function that makes your chatting life easier.

  • The WhatsApp He hides an ingenious job that not everyone knows about.
  • One important message in one chat maybe Favorite is marked It can be found again in a jiffy.
  • It’s easy.

Munich – The WhatsApp Useful for different types of contact: for discussion of important topics and binding appointments as well as for long conversations. It becomes difficult when Both are mixed. When you get really important information in a conversation and then piles of other messages crowd it. Because you are just chatting or exchanging views on the Bayern Munich match *.

This can easily happen not only in private messages, but in the first place groups, where the default tongue is more flexible. So you scroll back through the chat days or weeks later with the thought: When did you get the really important message again?

for us screenshot Serves as an example: an important date crowded with many other messages. When was that again? Meeting? You don’t want to ask either.

Typical example: You make an appointment and then continue chatting – until you need it, you’ve forgotten the appointment/meeting point.

© screenshot

Whatsapp with witty function: mark a message as favorite

Fortunately, WhatsApp has one Well hidden function, which not everyone knows about, as reported by tz.de *. But once you find out, you can not do without: Mark individual messages as favorites!

Mark individual messages as favourites: long press on them and then select the star – you’ll always find them easily again.

Try it

This is how it works: if you receive an important message that you want to find again quickly later, Hold it with your finger for a long time (As for Yes Beside Android). A menu will appear with the option to put the message in favorites with the extension to distinguish a star.

This is where the “starred” function is hidden.

© screenshot

Whatsapp: messages marked as favorite are stored in the contact

Then, days or weeks later, when you open the chat with the person or group, tap the name line at the top. There you will find the point.Marked with an asteriskAll messages you have marked as favorites for this contact or group are hidden.

Perfect for those with poor memory: starred message list for contacts.

© screenshot

There is no other way to quickly find important messages – and after arranging an important date, you can also discuss FC Bayern * without restrictions or exchange funny GIFs. And many other small tricks can make the daily use of Whatsapp easier. (Lin) * tz.de is an offer by IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rules list image: © screenshot

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