WhatsApp has stopped working – what to do?

WhatsApp has stopped working - what to do?

WhatsApp is the most popular means of communication for millions of Germans – but what to do if the messenger no longer works? We explain how to get WhatsApp working again.

The WhatsApp messenger of the meta Group (Facebook) is the most popular means of communication with more than two billion users around the world. That’s why it becomes even more annoying when the Messages app goes on strike and no more new messages can be received or sent.

The issues that can cause WhatsApp to crash are numerous – from company server failure to app update that went wrong, all kinds of causes can be found. We’ve collected the most common sources of error and summarized possible solutions.

Is the smartphone connected to a WLAN or a mobile network?

For WhatsApp – as well as for any other social network or communication tool on a smartphone – a connection to the mobile network or to a WLAN is required.

For this reason, you must first check if the mobile phone has reception and is connected to the Internet. This can be easily checked in Control Center (iPhone), taskbar (Android) or in Settings.

Is the WLAN and mobile data activated and is there a mobile network connection? (iPhone) (Source: t-online)

Rebooting can actually help

If the smartphone is connected to the Internet and browsing is in the browser or on Facebook & Co. It also works in another way, restarting the smartphone may help. In many cases, this fixes most problems.

To the Android phone Depending on the manufacturer, there are different options for restarting: press and hold the “On / Off” button or a combination of “Power / Off button” + “Volume down” or the “Volume up” button for several seconds while holding it.

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about iPhone users Everything works a little easier, because the models have a standard key combination here: on newer models, hold down the “on / off button” + “volume button”, on older models, longer press the “on / off button” is enough. Turn off button.” Then press “Power off.” Then turn on the smartphone again as usual using the “On/Off” button.

Check WhatsApp for updates

If restarting also does not help, then you should check if there are any updates or new version for WhatsApp. To do this, open either the App Store on iPhone or Google Play Store on Android phones and search for WhatsApp there. If an older version is installed, an update available via the Store can be installed.

Check the App Store to see if an update is available.  (iPhone) (Source: t-online)Check the App Store to see if an update is available. (Iphone)

Reinstall WhatsApp

If updating to the latest version didn’t help and you still can’t send messages, reinstalling the app can help as well. Before a fresh install, however, you must secure your chats or create a backup. You can find out how this works here.

If the old chats are saved, WhatsApp can be easily deleted from the phone. To do this, simply press and hold the app icon on the home screen until a selection window opens.

Then tap Uninstall (Android) or Remove App (iPhone). Then just download and install the app again from the respective store.

WhatsApp can be removed from the cell phone and reinstalled in a few simple steps.  (iPhone) (Source: t-online)WhatsApp can be removed from the cell phone and reinstalled in a few simple steps. (Iphone)

What can you do

Have you tried all the sources of the problem and the error is most likely not your fault or your smartphone? Then it could be that the WhatsApp server failed.

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If in doubt, you should always use the official WhatsApp page and Related social media channels Keep an eye out – users there are also informed about widespread disruptions to the app.

Sites like alle trouble.de also show if other users are having problems with the app. Existing bugs can also be reported there and current issues can be discussed with others.

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