What to do in Vaccines and Show Movies

What to do in Vaccines and Show Movies

To encourage young people to get vaccinated, Australia has created an absolutely amazing movie. But not everyone can appreciate it. This is explained by Robin Cosell of the creative agency Wefilm.

What not to do with vaccinations

Australia is only 15 per cent vaccinated, but they have started a campaign advocating for young people to get vaccinated. They are very afraid. You hear a young man gasping heavily. You also have something called cognitive dissonance. If it’s too intense, people won’t see it. You can also create a distance because the chance of this happening to young people is very slim. The funny thing is that young people have not yet been able to vaccinate themselves in Australia. So the question is also why you instill so much fear in people when you can’t do anything about it yet. If you address a problem, then you have to come up with a solution.

other countries

Kossel thinks New Zealand is doing better. They have a video showing the bonus. Young people who can see each other again. “This works much better.” The Netherlands also has a video. Focuses heavily on facts and rationality, but less on emotion. It’s very strong, and it probably suits the Netherlands better. On the other hand, Singapore is taking a completely different path. They made a song out of it. They’re almost trying to throw a party.

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