What time does Indy 500 start and where to watch it?

Hoe laat begint de Indy 500 en waar is deze te bekijken?

Jan Polcher

The 105th edition of the Indianapolis 500 is scheduled to launch next Sunday. Starting in third place, Dutchman Rinus van Calmthout will win. Check out everything you need to know here The greatest scene in the race.

The Indianapolis 500 – the Indy 500 in short – is the sixth round of this year’s IndyCar season. The race is held at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is considered the most important race of the year in the United States. Together with the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the event is one of the crown jewels in motorsport. In 1990 and 1997 he won the Dutch race, Ari Lowendick.

Dutch success

Van Calmthot reviews the popular Indy 500: “I really think we can win it”Read more

Next Sunday there is another chance for Dutch success. Rinus ‘VeeKay’ van Kalmthout qualified for third place in the race. Two weeks ago, he won his first race in the class, and soon there will be another race: “I think we can win. Really,” he told select media, including GPFans. “It felt like the car is really very fast, but of course you always have to check the conditions.”

VeeKay qualifies for the third place to the Indy 500

What time does the Indy 500 start?

The Indy 500 is scheduled for this coming Sunday, May 30th. The program starts at 4:30 pm, Netherlands time. Then the cars will be brought into the grid. The engines start at 6:38 pm, after which the race begins at 6:45 pm NST. The race can be watched in the Netherlands via Ziggo Sport.

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