What is the new AY4.2 alternative, which health authorities are they keeping a close eye on?

What is the new AY4.2 alternative, which health authorities are they keeping a close eye on?

Variable distribution in the European regions of Great Britain in particular. Rare, it is closely monitored by health authorities.

It’s been a long time since we heard about the alternative. In the UK, the new sub-alternative very contagious From the variable delta spreads,AY4.2“The AY4.2 variant, which was discovered in several European countries, has been identified in Israel,” the Health Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday, October 19.

Why this alternative?

Spreads easier and faster. If it is not currently considered more contagious than the delta variant, which initially appeared in India and caused the epidemic to resume in late spring and early summer, specialists are investigating it more closely, while three cases have also been identified in the United States. Like many in Denmark.

Is the AY4.2 variant resistant to vaccines?

In France, this subordinate is not currently observed. It was discovered in the United States and Denmark and has since disappeared, but it has not yet been studied to evaluate vaccine resistance.

Is this new alternative responsible for the growing number of new cases in the UK?

Epidemiologist Francois Ballou and director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London said the new variant was “not responsible for the recent increase in the number of cases in the UK”. Jane sends noon.

Some scholars attribute the current deterioration of the situation to the poor immunization of minors, as well as to the early deterioration of immunity to the older vaccination, or to the lifting of most health restrictions in England in July, the most important of which is the mask. Inside.

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