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This is the current worldwide viral document. The document is that there is an app called Signal Messenger as an alternative to WhatsApp Messenger. In Signal Messenger Personal details have also been requested, as has been requested by WhatsApp. This talk continues as a guarantee of eight to eight cryptos. “Use the signal app” says Elon Musk to get hotter.


What is Signal Messenger?

Although it was introduced in 2014, it is now widely known. The reason for this is said to be that WhatsApp asks for personal details from its users. The signal can be used on all operating systems such as Android, Windows and iPhone.

You can also send voice calls, video calls, texts, and files over signal just like WhatsApp. It also has the ability to hide messages automatically. You can only add people to groups by inviting them to the group in this app.

A maximum of 150 people can be added to the group in this application. More than Rs Crore People have downloaded this app in Play Store.

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