What is the idea of ​​founder of hosting provider “VanwaTech” actively supporting anonymous billboard overseas “8kun” where extremists congregate? Jigsaw

What is the idea of ​​founder of hosting provider "VanwaTech" actively supporting anonymous billboard overseas "8kun" where extremists congregate?  Jigsaw


January 2021,The attack on the United States CapitolAlmost two months before the outbreak of white fanatics, extremists and conspiracy theoriesQununAnonymous billboard where supporters gather8chan (8kun)It is temporarily closed. Some of Qunun’s supporters thought that the site had been closed by force and that the plot was about to become a reality, but the reality does not seem so serious.

23-year-old programmer kept QAnon and far right online when nobody else did – Bloomberg

The reason for closing 8chan is that the provider providing hosting services for 8chanVanwaTechIt was due to a technical defect. VanwaTech is a service that was founded in 2019 by a person named Nick Lim, who was 21 years old at the time, that provides technologies such as protection from cyber attacks on various websites including 8chan. Although a small favor, Lim continues to dominate a small corner of the business world, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Lim says he serves one of America’s most well-known large billboards, but has no particular political ideas or beliefs. In an interview in early 2020, he said, “I didn’t know anything about Qunun,” and said he had no specific opinion about Mr. Donald Trump, the then president of the United States. But as long as someone like Lim supports the site, the people who congregate there will not disappear.

The laws to suppress extremists in the United States are not as broad as those on international terrorism, and even major service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) struggle to establish consistent standards. … these providers set their own standards and try to stamp out certain ideas, but they’re evident in a belief system that mixes different ideas, like racists, Trump supporters or just Republicans, and it’s hard to draw a clear line.

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Meanwhile, in light of the recent global situation, Mr. Lim said, “The real political crisis facing the United States is not the rise of extremism.Amending the Constitution Article 1It is corrosive. Lim said that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution states that “Parliament cannot restrict freedom of speech or the press. America faces a crisis of communist tyranny,” said SF’s novel “The Near, Totalitarian Future.”1984“We are one step ahead of the world in 1984.” Why he continues to provide services to 8chan also rests on the idea that he does not like censorship and should not turn down customers.

“It’s not illegal talk to me,” Lim said of user feedback based on a certain idea. In addition, Mr. Lim has a working relationship with Mr. Andrew Anglin, who runs the Daily Stormer website where neo-Nazis meet on the far right of the United States, but Lim was asked why there was such a relationship. ”I was curious about the censorship of The Daily. Stormer. “

Usually problematic sites like 8chan are turned off by service providers like AWS. The lack of this support means publishers will not be able to obtain the services essential to the survival of the website, such as domain name registration and protection from DDoS attacks. We cannot keep providing it.

As of 2020, 8chan is said to be distributed and hosted on 11 IP addresses owned by 3 different companies, avoiding people’s attempts to limit 8chan. Mr. Lim is SNS appExcluded “Parler” from AWS, etc.Although he said that the one case caused distrust of high-tech companies, he viewed the current situation of actual Internet censorship as a “business opportunity” and considered hosting a new website, which I am talking about.

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