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We are the first to ask Google for any doubts. If so, Google should be the one who knows our thoughts and fears. By the end of 2021, Google has released the “Search of the Year” information about the most searched person on Google in India this year. According to Google, this year too, Indians were all thinking about Covid. People have asked Google about everything from what to do to get the vaccine to how to increase the level of oxygen in the body.

ക്കാ Can Google produce oxygen at home?

By 2021, most Indians are looking at how to sign up for the vaccine. Most people search Google between February 26 and March 5 and April 25 to May 1. Those who have been vaccinated are looking for ways to download the certificate. Therefore, the second most searched topic is “How to Download a Certificate of Covid Vaccine”. May, June, and July are the months when most people search on Google for certifications.

During the months of April and May, when the daily cases of Kovid in India exceeded 4 thousand, the concern of the people was how to increase the level of oxygen in the body. Therefore, this suspicion is also the third largest suspicion in the search list. When there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders even in hospitals, the Indians thought “how to produce oxygen at home”. This question ranks fifth in the research list.

Good investment, good food

Only when the magic of Covid subsided did people start asking Google about other things. The fourth most researched topic is how Aadhaar and Pan are related. At the end of the fiscal year, with income tax returns coming back, many people contacted Google with this request. Later people were looking for the best investments. According to Google, Indians have been researching the growth of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, how to invest in Bitcoin and the best IPOs. Furthermore, when many boards canceled the test because of Kovid and the score equation worked, people asked Google “how to calculate the percentage of the score”. This question ranks tenth in the research list.

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However, during this time, there were some searches on Google, such as “Puttukkavatam” during Onam. The question that ranked seventh in the list of research from India in 2021 was “How to make bread with fruit”. In August and September, people flock to Google to ask about it. The research came mostly from Punjab, which has a lot of food lovers.

Abstract in English: Google Year In Search 2021: These were the top searches in India this year

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