What if you lose access to Gmail?

What if you lose access to Gmail?

Internet office: There is no need to expand to Gmail, which has nearly 2 billion users worldwide. A Gmail account is required to use an Android phone. Gmail is central to Google’s access to services, data, and other files, and sharing. What if I lock Gmail and lose access (ID and password), which is very important..? I wonder how..! Try this to recover the account.

* If you don’t remember your Gmail ID, sign in with your phone number. The easiest way is to click on “Forgot password” and reset the password using the phone number.

* If the above method fails, Gmail can be restored by logging in directly with the Google account on the iPhone or iPad. There is no need to enter any ID or password here. But, personal details like mobile phone number must be verified. You can also regain access to your account using the Google Authenticator app on Android devices.

* Use frequently used computers and laptops to sign in cases like Gmail. Use your most used Chrome or Safari browser. Before locking Gmail, it is especially important to go to your Google management account and set your recovery email and phone number in security. This will allow them to send your password login OTP details to your Google recovery email number.

* However, if the account is not recovered, Google may ask you a number of security questions. Keep answering more without skipping these questions.

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