What if Trump vs. Biden becomes a draw? | abroad

What if Trump vs.  Biden becomes a draw?  |  abroad

The battle for the US presidency is already exciting, but (in theory) it could get even more exciting. What if Trump vs. Biden ends in a draw?

At the time of writing this article, the United States was still waiting for at least five decisive results. Joe Biden leads and now has 237 voters behind him, and Donald Trump has now had 213 voters. The first presidential candidate is 270 of these ‘Electors(The number varies by state) Behind him, he could prepare for four years in the White House.

But with 538 voters, both of them could theoretically win 269. In other words: Tie! He has never appeared in the current US electoral system. Four years ago, Donald Trump had 306 voters while Hillary Clinton had 232.


If it turns out to be a tie this time, the US House of Representatives will play a decisive role. Each state will then receive one vote, which must be cast by all representatives of that state together. With 50 US states, a presidential candidate needs 26 votes. At the same time, the Senate would likewise elect a vice president (Mike Pence or Kamala Harris).

If the two presidents are tied again (25 to 25), then a new vote must be taken. If there is no resolution for long enough, the vice president is appointed chairman. If this is also not agreed, the speaker of the House of Representatives becomes interim president.


The chance of getting a draw at 269-269 looks small at the moment. Mathematically, Joe Biden would have to win Georgia, for example, which is unlikely with the current outcome.

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