What do you look for when watching TV

What do you look for when watching TV

Televisions are getting bigger and better, but high-resolution color fires use a lot of electricity. In this way, consumption can be reduced.


The basics in brief

  • The current range of televisions is completely different.
  • In general, the larger the device, the higher its electricity consumption.
  • LED TV models consume the least amount of electricity.

The way we watch TV is constantly changing. The on-demand flash box is working more and more frequently, linear TV shows are becoming a thing of the past for many people.

What has not changed, however, is the fact that televisions need electricity. How much depends on several factors, which should ideally be taken into account before buying.

This is how you keep your TV’s power consumption under control.

Determine the actual consumption

The amount of power a TV actually uses can vary greatly from model to model. In order to calculate the consumption, it is important to know the power of the device. This is given in watts and can be found on the energy label, among other things. .

Once you determine the power in watts, you multiply your daily TV consumption by this and multiply the result by 365 to determine your TV’s annual electricity consumption in kWh.

Reduce energy consumption

One of the basic rules necessary for TVs: the larger the device, the more power it consumes. However, consumption also depends on the technology used.

LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma TVs are the most used today. On average, a 40-inch LED TV consumes 70 watts per hour, LCD TVs 100 watts per hour, OLED devices 150 watts per hour, and plasma models 175 watts per hour.

This shows that the greatest savings potential lies in the purchase.

More savings potential is hidden behind the location of your TV. If the TV is in a slightly darker location where it is not exposed to direct sunlight, it can usually be turned on at lower brightness.

It is best to plan this factor in advance when creating your four walls.

In addition, there is always current standby advice: just turn off the TV with the remote control, leave the room and turn it into a discreet power consumer.

It is better to turn it off completely or completely disconnect it from the power supply with a power strip, ideally with other hi-fi devices.

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