What are Some of the Most Underrated Movies Set in Vegas?

Las Vegas has been the setting for more than one hundred Hollywood movies, and it is often chosen by filmmakers because of its notoriety. The Nevada city has always been at the forefront of popular culture, which is why it earned the nickname, the Entertainment Capital of the World. There have been plenty of blockbusters filmed in Vegas, but what about the lesser-known gems? There are plenty of under-the-radar offerings that deserve some recognition as well.

Vegas is Dominant in Popular Culture

There are many reasons why films set in Las Vegas do so well in international markets. It’s because the fun-loving and thrilling atmosphere of the city has become a concept and something that can be captured in other media outside of its physical location. Now, there are hundreds of ways for people to enjoy Vegas without having to go there. This isn’t just done through films, but through games as well.

The idea of Las Vegas has helped the online casino industry spread around the world, and operators try to give players a taste of the iconic gambling hub. A prime example of this is Vegasoo new casino, an exciting and comprehensive online casino brand. Not only does it have slots like Blazing Bull 2 and Bonanza to allure fans of the spinning reels, but it also has live links to casino tables to give players that Vegas atmosphere.

Plenty of Gems Set in the Nevada City

When thinking about the best films set in Vegas, a lot of the same names tend to crop up. The huge Hollywood moneymakers like the Ocean’s series and The Hangover have helped Vegas become even more recognizable. Sometimes Sin City is integral to the story of the picture, while other times it is simply a glamorous and glitzy backdrop.

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One film that has been forgotten about is Peter Berg’s Very Bad Things. The 1998 black comedy featured an all-star cast including Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz but failed to garner great reviews at the time of its release. This could have been due to the sinister premise that some people may have found hard to stomach. The box office flop could be worth revisiting now, though, especially for viewers who have already seen most of the blockbuster Vegas content.

Con Air is another film that makes use of the Vegas setting in a unique way. The 1997 offering from Simon West takes place across various locations but culminates in an incredible action piece on the Strip. Some people were critical of the movie’s lack of realism, but there is no denying that it’s a lot of fun. The action sequences were the picture’s strong point, without a doubt. There were also great performances from Nicholas Cage and John Malkovich.

There are plenty of other underrated Vegas films for viewers to enjoy. These include Swingers in 1996 and The Cooler in 2003. For those seeking a truly memorable movie in the city, Leaving Las Vegas is an excellent option.

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