What are app scams: Be careful on whatsapp, otherwise great harm can happen – be aware of online scams

What are app scams: Be careful on whatsapp, otherwise great harm can happen - be aware of online scams


  • Be careful on WhatsApp
  • You too can be fooled

Navi Delhi The rate of cybercrime is increasing day by day. If you want to be safe in such a situation, then you have to be wary, not only in India, but millions of users around the world are using WhatsApp for instant messaging. But now this app has become a hub for cybercrime fraud. Here, internet thieves easily steal innocent users. And hold back their hard-earned money. If you receive any of these unwanted messages then you need to know full details before responding to them.

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Nowadays, fraudsters have found a new way to cheat on WhatsApp, where one-time passwords (OTPs) are sent to users and their hard-earned money is unintentionally stolen. As such, we tell you how to be careful, and what to take care of. The WhatsApp scandal is causing a lot of trouble to people. You must be careful not to let this happen to you.

This is how WhatsApp fraud occurs
First of all, a message is sent to WhatsApp in the name of someone you know and that asks for help. The message is written in such a way that, by reading it, you can feel that the person in front of you is in trouble. Then OTP comes on the mobile phone number. At this point, the cheater will continue to discuss with you, and will send you between church. It will remove the OTP from you by saying that the OTP has moved to your mobile phone by mistake. After that, the fraud will start and this WhatsApp criminal account will be hacked. User accounts will be hacked as soon as the cyber criminal reports the OTP. Then the hackers use it according to their needs. In this case, your WhatsApp account will be misused and you will not be able to do anything.

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How do you get out of this
If your WhatsApp account has been hacked, then you need to reset WhatsApp immediately. After that, you will have to log into WhatsApp again as before. The OTP will then access your account and the hacked account will be logged out. You should do this as soon as possible. First of all, you should keep in mind that WhatsApp does not send any one-time password without your permission. You should be alerted if any of these OTPs occur.
On WhatsApp, fraudsters can only robbed you by staying close to you. If someone asks for help, contact that person first. However, do not give out the OTP information. Additionally, to increase security, you need to turn on WhatsApp’s two-factor authentication option. This means that hackers or anyone else will need a non-OTP code before running WhatsApp on another device.

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