‘What a joke!’ Police driver fine $ 112 for an “incredible” offense.

A photo showing the driver's penalty notice for failing to close their window.

A shocked Sydney resident revealed how she was fined $ 112 for violating a strange road rule that she did not know existed.

The woman, who lives in Karingbah South in Sutherland Shire, said she received a notice of abuse because she left her car window closed after 7:30 am on August 4.

She wrote on Facebook: “A fine of $ 112 for not closing the car windows. The car was parked in the street in my house and my husband was working in the park within sight of the car.”

“I didn’t know it was a crime, so shut your windows.”

A picture of the penalty notice classifying the violation as “failure to lock the safe doors of the windows (the unattended vehicle)”.

The owner paid a fine of $ 112 for failing to secure the car window. Source: Facebook

Regulation 213 of Rule 5 of the NSW Roadbook says that the vehicle must be insured when the driver is more than three meters away.

This includes closing windows and locking doors – although a window of less than 2 cm is allowed.

The little-known rule – and the harsh punishment that accompanies it – has left Facebook users in disbelief.

“What a joke!” Someone said.

“seriously?!” Post Books. “Gosh Australia has really ridiculous fines for everything.”

“Obviously, the revenue will increase,” one woman said. “The officer should have issued a warning if I was present.”

Others have criticized the rule, describing it as “ridiculous” and “incredible”.

Taking your arm out of the window can cost you $ 349

Another mysterious road base made headlines recently after the Northern Shores Police District Command, based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, shared a special Facebook “memo” for drivers on their Facebook page.

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They said drivers and passengers who were caught with their hands or “anything else” outside the window while the car was moving would find themselves in hot water.

Those caught would not only be charged a $ 349 fine, but also three vulnerabilities.

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