Westfield Mall of the Netherlands opens

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands opens
Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the result of the extensive renovation and expansion of Leidsenhage Shopping Center. The change is so far-reaching that you have to look closely to discover parts of the old shopping center. Under the skin, about two-thirds of the shopping center consists of renovated buildings and one-third of new buildings. Both the new façade and the new interior have been merged together for the eye.

A few numbers. The total area of ​​the complex is about 120 thousand square meters, in addition to the parking space for a total of about 4000 cars. The shopping arcade is 1.8 kilometers long and takes visitors through about 280 shops and restaurants. In addition, a five-screen cinema has been added to the complex, there is a sports bar with bowling and Instagram – Youmuseum.

It really should have been a destination, ”says Griffioen. A place where you want to stay, rainy or sunny, for a day or part of the day, and also in the evening. Customer Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield talks about a 4-star experience. It can be said: va

In the ample parking spaces, through the seats in the shopping arcades, all the way to the spacious bathrooms … the shopping center is comfortably furnished everywhere.

MVSA Architects was chosen to design the shopping center seven years ago through a competition. Initially it was all about the exterior, but soon the office was also asked to design the interior. “We are very happy about that,” confirms Griffioen, “because that’s how we were able to design a complete experience.”

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Then the experiment was elaborated. “For example, for just two years we studied together about the optimal width of shopping arcades and the best height for storefronts,” says Griffin. “We also thought it was very important to bring daylight into the shopping arcade.”

When walking along the main road there is always something new to see. Griffioen says: “We’ve long been studying the lines of sight, and you’re always drawn to something, be it a curve, a curve, or a tone of elevation.” The sinuous lines on the ceilings and floors follow the main path, “8”, skillfully helping visitors find their way.

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