We present to you the fierce man who invented an 8-bit computer that is already running in the factory building game “Factorio” – GIGAZINE

We present to you the fierce man who invented an 8-bit computer that is already running in the factory building game "Factorio" - GIGAZINE

Real-time simulation game aiming to escape from planet by building a factory line on the drifting planet and automating various tasks.FacturoWith Factorio, a ferocious man appeared who created an already working 8-bit computer.

A full 8-bit Turing PC I made at Factorio – GIF – Imgur

Factorio built an 8-bit computer with a photo-sharing serviceImgurIt is used forSorekIt’s Mr. In the movie below, an 8-bit PC built by sorekFibonacci numberYou can see how the required program works.

A complete 8-bit Turing computer I made at Factorio

In the 8-bit computer Sorek built, “hour(CLK) 」「Program counter(PC) “BUS”ALU」「Sign Up(A and b) “”Address decoder(RAD) “memory (RAM)”Registration InstructionsThe necessary components of a computer, such as “(IR)” and “display (LCD)”, are reproduced and can operate at 2 Hz.

The 8-bit computers are exclusively made with the equipment featured in Factorio Games. For example, on a screen that displays the calculation result,Constant circuitEnter a number from 0 to 9 inchesConditional circuitCompatiblea lampBy “” running, the result of the calculation result is achieved.

Memory is also created by arranging a large number of conditional circuits. On an 8-bit computer created by sorek, manually in this memoryMachine languageBy registering, you can implement any program.

In addition to this, Mr. Sorek includes the following filmsMovie series explaining how to make your own 8-bit PCWith reference, try building an 8-bit computer with Factorio.

8-bit PC update – YouTube

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