‘We have your data, pay us’: Allegation of criminal hacker group LockBit

'We have your data, pay us': Allegation of criminal hacker group LockBit

Hacker ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly popular among cybercriminals, and this time, the well-known company Accenture has fallen under the grip of criminals.

Brutal ransomware attack (Adobe Stock)

We are now hearing more and more about new attacks on multinational companies in the form of data confiscation. lately Lazio region She suffered one of these attacks, which, however, had no chance of inflicting the intended damage. Specifically on the dark web, the ransom note to the multinational was posted by the LockBit group.

Accenture Case

The method is as simple as it is cruel: a group of hackers infiltrates a file Malware On the company’s servers, it confiscates the data and then demands the ransom to fraudulently return everything that was illegally transmitted; On the other hand, if the victim company refuses, it seeks coercion by threatening to publish and disclose the stolen data.

This time under the targets of these hackers there Multinational Accenture, the undisputed leader in the technology sector in its many applications, which has more than five hundred thousand employees around the world. The company quickly managed to detect the anomaly through its security monitoring center, and thus managed to avoid the worst.

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Accenture, through its press office, has released the following:While implementing our security protocols, we identified irregular activity in one of our environments. The incident was immediately contained and the affected servers immediately isolated. There was no impact on Accenture’s operations and our clients’ systems“.

Notorious crew at work
The dark side of the web and the world of hackers

Who is the hacker group and how does it work?

According to what has been learned so far, it will be Sprite SpiderAnd A group of cybercriminals, but specifically it seems to have been its “squad”, LockBit, formed by a group of hackers mostly from Russia and the former Soviet Union.

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Looks like the group will split into The right team Well coordinated with the exact tasks for the success of the operation. The first to deal with RaaS . development (That by saying Ransomware as a Service); The second group instead of dealing with it Administration Communication and “split the spoils”. It starts with checking the company’s turnover, which is a necessary process to determine the size of the ransom to be demanded, and then, once the payment is obtained, the ransom is broken down into percentages usually between 60-70% for the developers.

So far the web and its extensions have become an extension of our identity which, surely, has not neglected even the worst aspects.

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