We have a few questions about the Amazon Homeland Security drone

We have a few questions about the Amazon Homeland Security drone

Should we call Amazon internet cameras and voice assistants home? This has been a controversial topic for years – but today, Amazon effectively “screwed it up” and announced a fully automated robotic security system.

Yep, that’s right: The Ring section of Amazon now has a camera that theoretically can Anywhere in your home, And not just the direction you point in at the beginning. Or, as Amazon puts it: a fresh, innovative approach to always staying at home.

Needless to say, it’s a staff the edge He has some questions about that.

In no specific order and without naming names:

  • Can he go up and down the stairs?
  • Why does it look like a humidifier?
  • What is the battery life?
  • Do you play drones slap bass?
  • How does he paint your house, anyway? Where did those pictures go?
  • Could someone on Ring HQ fly this drone camera around my house?
  • Can a Ring employee outside fly this camera drone around my house?
  • Can pirates fly this drone camera around my house?
  • maybe Police men Fly this drone camera around my house? What if they have a court order? Will Amazon Really Say No?
  • Is it a good cat game?
  • Can I program him to follow me and say “Hey! Listen!”?
  • How far can you fly?
  • How far can I throw it?
  • What is the velocity of air to swallow unfilled?
  • How well does she dodge nerf arrows? There is no specific reason for the question.
  • Can it be decorated for parties?
  • Does the phrase “privacy you can hear” on Amazon mean this drone is louder than other drones, or does it simply mean It’s a drone and the sound of a drone?
  • How do you avoid ceiling fans, lights, and other highlights?
  • What if I move my furniture?
  • Who is responsible if I collide with a ceiling fan … or a panel?
  • Is it really only going to fly when nobody is home, and uh … how do you know exactly that?
  • Did you know not to take off when pets roam the house?
  • What prevents my cat / dog / monkey / parrot from hitting it out of the air?
  • If I put up a map of my house and then lock a bunch of doors when I go out, will he put his head on the first door so he gets out and dies?
  • On this note, can I lock it in a room?
  • How many accidents have been classified?
  • Can you have two of them to fight it, or is it just one per account?
  • How long can it fly?
  • What if you can’t get back to the charger in time? Are you falling from the air?
  • Why would anyone with money for a home security system choose something that would be that kind of pain in the ass?
  • Would it be like my Roomba and just a potato if it ran into an unfamiliar corner obstacle?
  • Wait, what if I have a motion-sensitive alarm (say, from Ring) and then the drone flies in front of the sensor?
  • If you pay for Nest Aware and hear Amazon Echo sound Drone flying inside my house, Will you notify me?
  • Will she invite her parents 2001: Space Flight Monolith and Mega Man 3The best vacation man is over or should I do it myself?
  • If you steal a house and wear a mask, is there anything that this drone can Really Are you doing to scare me away?
  • Can you hold a coconut weighing half a kilo?
  • Can it release pepper spray?
  • Sincerely, why is there no pet status? The only good use for this.
  • Can you program it to have the tours sync with your Roomba? Will they become friends?
  • What if nothing happens in my home, since break-ins are actually not uncommon? Will this remain in place for years, unused?
  • Would anyone ever hold Ring accountable for making us all more afraid of strangers even though statistics show violent crime has decreased sharply?
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For answers we are Act Learn about the new drone from Amazon, here’s our news post.

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