Water polyester with great variation along South Africa

Water polyester with great variation along South Africa

Dutch water polo players beat South Africa by a wide margin. In their third appearance at the Tokyo Olympics, they won their second match, 33-1. The formation of national coach Arno Havinga had previously defeated Spain, but lost to Australia.

The quarter-finalist can no longer escape the orange after the highest score ever in an Olympic tournament. In the group stage, a meeting with Canada is expected first. South Africa has already lost a lot to Spain (29-4) and Canada (21-1). Martje Keuning scored six goals. Simon van de Krats and Maud Miggins made five.

National coach Havinga looks back with a good feeling. “We wanted to play bright and fresh. We succeeded. The risk is of course that you think too easily or play chaotically. This was not the case in our case. We remained sharp throughout the match. We are now preparing for Sunday against Canada. This result will make clear who We will continue the tournament against him.”

Because of America’s first Olympic loss in thirteen years, to Hungary (10-9), the United States would not become a group winner in Group B. So the Netherlands would undoubtedly be interested in not finishing third in their group, because then they are running away from the Olympic champion and global.

The Netherlands is the 2008 Olympic champion, but was not part of the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016.


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