Water polo players start the Olympics with defeat | the Olympics

Water polo players start the Olympics with defeat |  the Olympics

Sabrina van der Sloot, Maud Miggins, Els Koolhaas and Simon van de Krats scored two goals, and the other songs came from Iris Wolves, Nomi Stumforest, Kitty Lane Justra and Marty Keoning.

Water Polster led 3-1 against Australia in the first quarter, but also gave it up. In the second period, the orange ran out to 8-4. However, Havinga’s underdog side once again collapsed, allowing Australia to return to 10-10 and handing the entire game over in the last period.

“We started strong and ended badly,” Havnga said. “I have some problems losing anyway, but the way we presented the ball in the second half is very annoying. We conceded goals very easily, as well as from a distance. Debbie can also give a performance,” said the national team coach, referring to goalkeeper Debbie Willems. Better than what I showed today.”

The Dutch women won Olympic gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but could not qualify for London 2012 and Rio 2016. Team Havinga also struggled to make it to Tokyo. Only at the last qualifying tournament, at the beginning of this year in the Italian city of Trieste, were we able to get a ticket.

Havnga wants to compete with his team in the Japanese capital for medals. Spain, the second opponent on Wednesday, is the strongest opponent in Group A on paper, and then Orange also plays South Africa (Friday) and Canada (Sunday). Four of the five countries qualified for the quarter-finals. It is especially important that Orange avoid the United States, gold medalists in 2012 and 2016, for as long as possible. “There are four strong countries in our group and four in the other. We will cross paths at a point and then it really starts,” Havinga says.

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