Watch the Kia K5 Land 360 ° between two ramps

Watch the Kia K5 Land 360 ° between two ramps

Mid-size sedans are often referred to as executive sedans for a reason – they’re part intended for corporate use, and bosses often use them with a chauffeur on their head. But the idea of ​​executive sedans was avoided with the advent of new generation models.

Case in point – the 2021 Kia K5, formerly known as Optima. Along with the change in name to align itself with the brand’s standard global designation, the K5 came with sporty parts – not to mention a design that’s meant to impress.

Kia has not been banking on the prowess of the K5. It showcased the sedan with an unprecedented stunt, either by the car or the brand itself – a 360-degree jump between two ramps. You can watch the trick through the video we included at the top of this article.

As mentioned, it’s a stunt, and we’re not sure what Kia wants to tell you because it’s the K5 we’re talking about. How many times will these sedans do this in real life? But to be fair, if you have to do it sooner or later in K5, we hope you’ll find peace in knowing it can.

The ruse above is part of the South Korean automaker’s investment in its peak spot in the 72nd Emmy Awards TV broadcast. K5 premiered “at its most memorable and famous moment during the TV broadcast”.

“The partnership with the 72nd Emmy Awards puts the all-new K5 front and center during one of the most watched live TV events of the year,” said Russell Wagger, Marketing Operations Director, Kia Motors America. “The launch of the K5 is unlike anything the mid-size sedan segment has ever seen, and this latest initiative highlights the ‘It Factor’ that sets the K5 apart from anything else.”

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