Was Verstappen’s MGU-K damaged by DNF in Australia?

Is de MGU-K van Verstappen beschadigd door DNF in Australië?

Jane Griffink

Max Verstappen had to score a DNF for the second time this season during the Australian Grand Prix due to a fuel issue. The hope was that the engine did not suffer any damage, but there is a possibility that the MGU-K could still be damaged.

Verstappen smelled a strange smell during the race in Melbourne and was told moments later to stop his car, preferably near the fire extinguisher. The Dutchman eventually had a fuel problem, but it wasn’t the same as during the season opener in Bahrain, team boss Christian Horner and advisor Dr. Helmut Marko then. However, the fire extinguisher had to be used in Australia. The fire was extinguished at the same spot where Pierre Gasly saw his MGU-K crash in Bahrain. The question now is whether this part of Verstappen’s RB18 is left unscathed.

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Has the MGU-K been damaged by Verstappen?

Gasly retired in Bahrain due to an issue with the MGU-K hence the fire extinguisher had to be used in the exact same place where Verstappen’s RB18 was extinguished. The flames that broke out on the left side of the bodywork left more than one person wondering if it was the MGU-K that fell, a repeat of something previously seen on the AlphaTauri Pierre Gasly in Bahrain,” writes the Italian branch of the company. Motorsport.com† Red Bull is now exploring its Milton Keynes plant powerhouse.

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Clarity in Imola

Confirmation will come during the race weekend at Imola as to whether Verstappen’s MGU-K has actually failed or can still be used again. The Dutchman is the only driver in the Red Bull family who has not yet had any engine parts replaced. If the MGU-K had to be replaced, it wouldn’t affect Verstappen right away.

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