Was Royland Fernhouette a mole in 2005? “I’m not retarded” | TV

Was Royland Fernhouette a mole in 2005?  "I'm not retarded" |  TV

In the Belgian version of Who is a mole? It was seen earlier this month that Mole pulled out, as he could no longer stand the pressure of the game. Officially, this was the first time Mole pulled the plug early, but fans of the show have their doubts about it. They claim that Roeland Fernhout actually made a fundamental change with Yvon Jaspers in 2005.

in front of the camera telegraph The actor tries to provide an explanation when he confronts Max van den Broek with the rumor.


“I’m hearing it for the first time,” Fernhout says with necessary sarcasm. “Ah, ah… yeah, let’s go. I can’t say anything about it of course. It was a very exciting time, let me say it. It was an adventure.”

But then it turns out that the actor – who is likely dealing with a contract that says he is not allowed to make statements about the content of the show – is still familiar with the stories. When asked by Van den Broek if he was surprised by the question, he said, “I’m not retarded. I called my agent, and I heard my name was sometimes mentioned. So yes, then you can expect him to come now.”

Wie is de mol was won in 2005 by Marc-Marie Huijbregts, and actress Lottie Hellingman took second place already.

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